• Investor Sergey Shenderov: What’s Hidden Behind the Scenes of Luxury Life

Investor Sergey Shenderov: What’s Hidden Behind the Scenes of Luxury Life

It seems like Sergey Shenderov has been blessed since his childhood – he has everything a person can dream of. Multiple businesses across the world, influential friends, fame, and a happy family. He was born in Russia, but now he lives in the USA – obviously, this entrepreneur thinks that there’s a better place than his Motherland. He forgot that this country has given him a lot – for example, Sergey essentially increased his budget when he was working on mining projects of Renaissance Capital. And what about M&A operations?

It’s time to find out what secrets are hidden behind the smiling face of this successful man. Is he involved in some political games against Russia? How did he manage to reach for success in the USA? Let’s take a closer look at his life and find out whether all the existing rumors are truthful.

Education and Career

Investor Sergey Shenderov

If you want to find out at least something about the person, you need to explore his past. And now, we’re going to take a glance at the main periods of Shenderov’s life. The following information will give us an understanding of this mysterious businessman with lots of secrets.

Early years

Shenderov started his path to prestige and success in Russia. He spent his childhood in the capital of the country – Moscow. He studied at school number 314 on Shchelkovskaya Str. But when he grew up and it was time to choose the university, he decided to prefer the educational establishment in the USA. Sergey moved to America to enter the University of North Dakota. He studied at the Department of Finance and Economics.

Breathtaking career

The decision to leave his native country and enter the USA university essentially extended his career opportunities. During 7 years between 1998 and 2005, Sergey was occupying only the best positions – there was no need to worry about where to get money. He didn’t have to save cash or try to persuade the owner of a local store to hire him. While others strived to earn at least something, he enjoyed prestigious positions at Credit Suisse, Salomon Smith Barney, and Citi.

The period of Renaissance Capital

In 2006, Shenderov became the part of the investment bank Renaissance Capital. He was hired as the head of the metallurgical group. And it doesn’t seem like he didn’t have the best conditions for work here.

Just imagine, the celebration of the 15th anniversary of Renaissance Capita was held in one of the most prestigious night clubs in Moscow. That night was a real festival for employees, as they could dance till morning and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere. Even an average bank employee could walk along the red carpet in front of the club and feel as if he or she is a movie star. Dmitriy Shepelev, a famous TV host, made that night really special by entertaining guests with questions and contests. Laser show, disco, and well-known Russian performers like Zveri and Nusha gave a festive mood to all the employees of the bank. But Shenderov thought that it wasn’t enough and decided to establish an international business. Who knows, what if he was already playing some unfair game connected with finances?

Magnetic Sand Resources

Sergey left Renaissance Capital in 2012 and created Magnetic Sand Resources in the Philippines. It’s the investment company that deposits money in iron ore mining. As you can see, this man didn’t want to stop and decided to place funds in this way. But no one knows about the origin of these finances. Besides, the operations of this company remain unclear.

BabyBlog and MomLife

Let’s look back and explore the missing period of his life. In 2008, Sergey Shenderov and his friend Andrei Soloviev created a successful business. They invested money in a digital platform for moms – it was called BabyBlog. It became the largest social network in Russia and former CIS countries.

BabyBlog is a platform for moms who want to discuss different subjects connected with children and family life. The idea to create this social network belongs to Andrei Soloviev, and Shenderov only invested the money in this business. Maybe, he had some brilliant thoughts connected with this platform, but the key point was born thanks to Andrei. Soloviev started working on the project solely, but he had to look for financial support when he realized that his budget isn’t enough. And his classmate had the needed sum.

A large number of BabyBlog developers, including Andrei, are living in Prague since 2010. Of course, Shenderov and Soloviev say that the Czech Republic has better business opportunities and living conditions. But it’s unlikely that they don’t have other purposes. They exchanged their Motherland for another country, and no one knows whether it’s just a business scheme.

This niche was a lucky place for Sergey and his friend, and they decided to move forward with their business. 6 years later, in 2014, they designed the maternity application Preggie. And in 2015, they added another source of income to their budgets. MomLife is another project developed for mothers. The developer of this app is Delaware Wunderkind Media And Technology Corp, which is also established by Shenderov and his friend.

MomLife is available for Android and Apple users. It’s an application with helpful features for pregnant women and mothers. A pregnancy calendar, feeding tracker, and online market for products for kids are the features available for users.

Shenderov’s Family

A successful businessman is a happy family man. His wife, Yulia Vladimirovna Azarova won his heart with the help of her incomparable beauty. She was born on April 13th, 1985. Yulia is a talented young woman who works as a photographer and model. They have a son Philip Shenderov.

Shenderov and his wife decided to build the future of their family in the USA. Of course, for average people, it seems like they want to have more opportunities for their son or better education. But numerous Sergey’s businesses are connected with serious people both from the USA and Russia. And the surprising truth may be covered with a blanket created of lies.

Suspicion of Political Games Against Russia

Sergey Shenderov - What’s Hidden Behind the Luxury Life

As far as Sergey Shenderov lives in the USA and has influential friends, the chances are that his businesses are surrounded by a veil of treason. He’s connected with the United States Department of Justice, but at the same time, this businessman belongs to Putin’s environment. Sergey knows governmental secrets and nothing can stop him from telling important things to his friends from abroad.

We’ve already mentioned Shenderov’s company Magnetic Sand Resources – this corporation has tightened his connection with Michael Alexander Blum. His friend owns VIP-hotels and casinos in Asia, discovers new opportunities in space exploration, and invests in scientific projects. His wife is Russian, and she acquainted Michael with Sergey.

Today, Shenderov and Blum are business-partners. Sergey doesn’t miss an opportunity to tell Michael about his influential Russian friends. And no one knows what his stories are about.

In 2016, Shenderov received a huge sum from AltaIR Capital. Average Russian people can only dream of this money amount, and Sergey got it without any need to tell about the purpose – 1.5 million dollars essentially boosted his budget. Two top-managers of AltaIR worked at Renaissance Capital and Sberbank until 2015. Only lucky people know what unites them with Shenderov, but it’s obvious that these relationships brought him money. 30% of the stock share of AltaIR’s Seed Fund belonged to Abramovich.

But not only business and money helped Shenderov set the connection with influential partners. Charisma is a powerful weapon that makes people believe him and trust him. But only a few of them know what’s hidden behind his pleasant smile and compliments. Unfortunately, many people are ready to tell him the most important secrets that must be strictky kept. And he uses them on his behalf.

Shenderov knows how to make the path to success easier. And he’s a manipulator who can get to the place where he needs to get by using serious people. For example, now he has a new friend from the Russian business environment. Pavlo Skachkov, a top-manager at Kalashnikov Concern, willingly develops their relationships and he’s even ready to acquaint Sergey with his family and the closest people. He was glad to see Shenderov at his wedding, and everybody knows that people don’t invite individuals who don’t play any role in their lives.

Sergey is also proud to be close to Nikolay Tsekhomsky, the Russian financier and top-manager. But it’s not the last name in Shenderov’s list of serious fellows. He doesn’t hide his connection with Petr Maxymov and Oleg Deripaska from Michael Blum. Very often, they take a rest together and go fishing. We can only wonder what subjects they discuss – everything is hidden behind the curtains. But it’s obvious that books and TV shows aren’t the central themes of their conversations.

Deripaska and Maxymov belong to the Russian political environment, and they know important information connected with the country’s government. The thing is that they can uncover all the secrets and tell something worthy to Shenderov. And he makes a serious impact on people – no one says that it’s a positive impact. If Blum creates some fraudulent schemes with Sergey, they may need someone to rely on in the Russian political sphere. And friendship with top-managers and financiers is only the tip of an iceberg. Of course, Shenderov is very careful and no one has caught him by the hand, but ordinary people can easily imagine what operations are conducted by this man.

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Final Words

We can only draw the pictures connected with conspiration because there’re no facts proving treason yet. Sergey Shenderov is extremely careful, and he knows how to use the received information. Strange connection with foreign influential businessmen, Russian top-managers, and politicians makes people think that there’s something unclear in these relationships. Conversations between such individuals remain covered by mystery, but the chances are that everything will change soon. Someone will bring unfair people to light, and we’ll see the dark side of the business. The will be no place for conspiration, cheating, betrayal, and fraudulent schemes in this huge world.